Eagle and Tiger Story For Kids

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TIGER decides to sit down at the counter and act like he belongs here.
TIGER - Uh, yeah...gimme a Tab.
EAGLE - What?
TIGER - A Tab.
EAGLE - Kid, I can't give you the tab until you order something.

People at the counter are looking at him, especially at his silver Porsche jacket. TIGER notices that the MAN next to him is drinking coffee.

TIGER - Uh, coffee.

She pours a cup and serves him.
EAGLE - Did something happen to you, kid? I mean, you been lost in the woods or something?


TIGER- looks at the bowl of sugar cubes on the counter.
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TIGER- Say, have you got any Sweet ‘N low?

EAGLE- Sweet and what?

Her suspicions aroused, she takes the coffee away.

EAGLE- Maybe you’d better pay for this first.

TIGER- Sure.