Do not dismiss Leg Injury

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Ulcers or foot injuries can be a very serious problem for diabetics is important to heal the ulcer as soon as possible.

Nerve damage in diabetes can reduce the pain so that foot ulcers sometimes painless so often overlooked. Over time a foot ulcer or symptoms of disease can seriously damage the foot.

Ulcers are open sores on the skin surface or mucous membranes. Ulcers can be said that extensive tissue death and accompanied by invasive bacteria saprophyte. The existence of saprophyte bacteria caused the ulcer smells, diabetic ulcers is also one of clinical symptoms and course of the disease diabetes mellitus with peripheral neuropathy. Diabetic foot ulcers is a complication associated with morbidity due to diabetes mellitus.

Well, to heal the ulcer quickly? When we walk, every step as hitting the ulcer with a hammer. for it can be helped by using crutches (cructches), a Zimmer or a wheelchair to not burden the ulcer.

Can also be done with shoes and special insoles, plaster (plaster cast) or the supporting tools (braces) that can be removed to reduce the burden padakaki, if it is important for it to run for a while.

Then how to treat your ulcer? Ulcers made debris and necrotic tissue around the ulcer and multiple ulcers developed into a tough skin. If the ulcer is not cleaned by removing all debris and hard skin, ulcers can be isolated and they will not heal quickly.

Can also be done by cleaning the edges of the ulcer until they bleed a little. This provides an ulcer as the initial state. You should not try to do this yourself: it is the duty doctor or podiatrists.

It's good, bandaged ulcers to keep the ulcer clean and warm. In addition to a brief examination of each day to ensure ulcer healing well and is not infected.

The following are danger signs and questions that should always ask when examining the foot:

- Swelling if the shoe was felt to be tight?
- Changes in skin color-is there any redness around the ulcer? Are there signs of bluish
such as bruising or whether the skin will go black?
- Is the ulcer itself has mengalamiberubah color?
- Exit if the ulcer becomes liquid-wet where previously dry ulcers? What
there is blood or pus out of the ulcer?
- Have never had a new ulcer or wound blisters?
- Do ulcers ever be pain or discomfort or leg pain?
- Was feeling unwell with symptoms of fever, flu-like symptoms or diabetes

Well, if the answer to the question above, yes, the feet should be checked every day
with your doctor or diabetic foot clinic. If you can not can not do the inspection yourself, ask a relative or friend to help check and bandaged foot ulcers.