Review Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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Better Peter (Jason Segel) is a musician who was not very successful in his career. Instead Peter girlfriend, Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), managed to pursue a career into a successful terlevisi star. During their six years of dating, Sarah is everything for Peter. Peter will do everything for her. Everything went smoothly until one day she decides to do with Peter.

Peter lives seem to fall apart at that time. So far, no other women in Peter's heart. Peter realized that he could not linger late in sadness. He must soon forget her and start a new life. As a first step, Peter had to escape from the routine to be able to forget Sarah.

Peter was taking a vacation to Hawaai the hope of escape from routine, to forget her and go home as the people who are born again. Unfortunately all the dreams that have run aground. Because the unexpected, she also was on vacation in Hawaai. Worse Sarah came with her ​​new boyfriend and they stayed at the hotel where Peter stayed.

Means, Peter failed in all businesses. Or is this even be the beginning of Peter's new life.

Comedy drama film made ​​by director Nicholas Stoller Universal Pictures.