How To Choose New Blogspot Template

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I dedicate this paper for you who like to also learn blogging in Maybe you feel less comfortable with the look of the templates provided by Blogspot: D (of course). Because not enough to provide blogspot templates, and appearance standards. You can change your blog template, which is still standard with blogspot template according to your taste. Currently, many interesting blogspot templates. one website that provides interesting is template2. Try to see this website.

step 1

Login blog with your own account =>> Dashboard =>> Layout / Design =>> Edit HTML =>> and then blocks all HTML code contained there .. (Use CTRL + A) and delete all the code.

Leave the first moment of this page, and open a new tab.

step 2

Go into the website template. There will be visible range attractive blog template.

step 3

If you are confused with so many templates reply, first select the mode according to your taste, in the 'Topics' [there is in the top right]. Then, select the type of template that you want.

step 4

Then, select the template that you want .. how ... Download template first.

[If you want to see the Preview, just click the 'Demo'
then, it would appear the download page. (There is at bottom)

step 5

Once downloaded, open its files, and copy all the scripts (XML code) contained on the Winrar.  (Open XML code, press CTRL + A, continue to press CTRL + C)

step 6

Back again to the bloggers (step 1). Paste the script template that you had Copy in your blog's HTML box. After the paste right, and then click Save Template.

step 7

If no error message, your pick 'MAINTAIN WIDGET' .. if no error message, then your blog template was successfully replaced.

step 8

Enjoy your new blog ..
this is partly Blog / Website template provider that I know ....