Bullet In Peter Hersford's Head

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Peter Hersford 61 years, fell when he was gardening at his home in Chorlton area of ​​Manchester, but he did not remember what happened.
Stephanie Lebel Bérubé
Previously thought he had a stroke, because when it was discovered by his wife he was conscious, but unable to speak.

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When Hersford taken to the hospital, doctors found that there are objects embedded in his head and the police were notified about it.

Ballistics expert who examined the results of x-ray concluded that the object is located in the head Hesford enter through her ​​eyes.

At first they were still not convinced that the object was a bullet, but the CT scan showed that Hersford a shooting victim.

"The bullet is still in the head Hersford, doctors have not been able to remove the bullet because of its position," said police spokesman.