3 Factors Make He Loves You

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When falling in love with someone, we unconsciously begin to alter our original nature. Why? Because we want to look better, prettier, or smarter. The hope, the he too will fall in love with you.

Trying to satisfy the desire of a man's taste is a natural thing to do. However, this does not necessarily always make men feel the same with you. He probably will feel happy when you plan a date, offering advice without being asked, showered with gifts, or immediately ran to his side when he is in trouble. However, when done to excess, over time it will make him see you as a friend. The worst, he should feel disturbed by any kind of attention you that.

Rory Raye, author of the e-book Have the Relationship You Want, said, at least there are three things you should avoid to make a man fall in love completely on you.

1. Do not give more than he gave to you
The man who initially buoyant will be a turn off when he gets more from you than he gave to you. This gift can be in the form of attention (call or SMS barrage to know it existed), affection, gifts, your desire to always see him, and much more. It will make him feel you're acting like a mother, instead of triggering an emotional desire for you. If necessary, exploration is in a period when you do not have to pay for itself "fare" your date. Pay their own or pay all these fees only makes you act like her usual friends.

2. Do not give something for nothing "exclusive" when he has not committed
Today, you and he may be in love hard. But before you feel that he is able to commit to your future together, you should restrain yourself. When you have everything handed to him, whether it's virginity or all of your personal problems, you will be very dependent on him. You will be hit by fears that he will leave you after you give everything you have. And the more you worry about it, the more he will be away. So rather than give him an ultimatum to immediately apply for, try friends with new men. Thus you are able to maintain self-control, and he would be trying to get you.

3. Do not plan a date
Since you are not sure that he put quite a lot of attention to you, or brave enough to take you out, you then plan a date with him. You just would not know how to sooth a man until you see him doing something. When the he did not do something, it's also a clue, you know!

Once you are able to confront the limitations and your feelings, you will let him be himself. After that, you'll be able to determine whether you want to continue with him or not. This kind of attitude will change your image, so that the he would be willing to fight the odds to be with you. Men will fall in love with a woman who appreciates a man without trying to fill a void for him.