Ultra Clean technology Headquarters

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Ultraclean Technology is a full service contract manufacturer and systems integrator serving the semiconductor equipment and medical equipment markets. Major business segments are in gas delivery and and distribution systems, chemical mechanical polishing systems, LCD Vacuum chambers, Wafer inspection and test and Medical Robots. The company provides design and configuration management services, precision machining and fabrication services, assembly, integration and testing of equipment.
Sandrine Alamaison
Semiconductor Equipment, Medical Equipment, Machining, Fabrication, Assembly, Integration and Testing

Hayward, California
26462 Corporate Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545
Telephone 510/ 576-4400
Fax: 510/ 576-4401
Customer Hotline: 510/ 576-4400

South San Francisco, California
130 Beacon Street
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Telephone: 650/ 583.5345

Hillsboro, Oregon
5350 NE Dawson Creek Drive
Hillsboro OR 97124
Telephone: 503/ 530.5700
Fax: 503/ 530.5701

Austin, Texas
500 Center Ridge Drive
Building 3.3, Suite 400
Austin, TX 78753
Telephone: 512/ 252.6100
Fax: 512/ 670.0276