Paris Jackson START To Entertaint

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Paris Jackson may be practically as one of the luckiest child in the world. Although the father is known as a very legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson is dead, but Paris still had a very berkecupan life of abundant legacy of his father and of course popularity.

But Paris still look modest and do not like to look glamorous. Even in projects that will he live in the future, Paris will donate their work to help education for those who can not afford.

Talent in the arts, which declined from the father to Paris Jakcson apparently not in the singing field, but rather go into acting by starring in a movie.

Paris will be the main star in a film adaptation of novels by Dennis H. Christen berjudulLundon's Bridge and the Three Keys.

Lundon's Bridge's first novel tells about a conflict between 'creatures on land' with 'the inhabitants of the sea'. A magic of the underwater world has changed the dolphin became a man, boy becomes a dragonfly, and a good-hearted fairy fairy being a very evil demon.

The only hope to stop the battle between these two worlds is a family suspected of having a 'weapon' to reconcile it all. His novels have been released since the last date of 18 November 2011, and the gimmick of Paris Jackson will star in the film version later, it predicted the novel became a best seller.

This film was the first film series of five films Lundon's Bridge is already planned. Even Paris Jackson himself reportedly has signed a contract to play in the fifth film. Of course with his first film records reap success.

The proceeds from the sale of the book and the film later, as already mentioned above, some will be donated to education.

Is Paris will also sing the soundtrack of the movie? We'll wait for the movie's presence ...

Paris Jackson