Festival in Sihanouk Ville and Sydney

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To watch the event and furthermore is that Cambodia has another new festival and it is the Sea Festival, can see many Khmers and many foreigners from many different countries here at the beach of Sihanouk Ville. This Sea Festival is aimed at promoting sea tourism because all other countries gain at least fifteen percent in tourist numbers after sea festivals.
Claudejane Ribeiro
New Year Countdown at coastline December 31, 2011. Cambodia on Saturday organized a number of sports and entertainment events.
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Karen Cardoso
Sydney's Olympic Park on November 26 for the Stereosonic Festival, it was the largest recorded crowd for a music festival in this country. It was also the exception to the rule. Last year was a miserable year for festival promoters. According to the Australasian Performing Right Association, the average price of a festival ticket in 2011 was $133 (compared with $53 in 2004).