Remember to wash your refrigerator

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Who would have thought was a refrigerator in our house that had been considered can store food to be more durable than decay, is dangerous to health.

Research conducted by one of the European companies find if refrigerated foods and drinks that contain lots of harmful bacteria. The result, some refrigerator compartment is believed to contain a large number of pathogens. The biggest problem it causes a lot of bacteria due to equipment connected to the boxes for fruits and vegetables.

Research conducted on the refrigerator with a way to check the refrigerator's 30 residents. Apparently refrigerators contain an average of 7850 colony-forming units of bacteria persentyimenter square. In rare cases, their number until it reaches gigantic proportions, 129 thousand to 1 cm square. The boxes were found to have harmful bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, and listeria.

Although the bacteria can not immediately disappear, but the most powerful way to stop its development is keeping the refrigerator clean by washing. That way, the bacteria in the refrigerator will not be able to breed. Remember to wash your refrigerator. It is very important for your health.