How to eliminate acne marks

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Acne usually grow in the face at the moment we stepped on adolescence. Many different factors and myths that cause acne. As the causes of acne myths that have been socialized in our environment is that you fall in love, because eating beans, because of late nights and others. Pimples that grow in the face, of course, very disturbing aura of our beauty, and this resulted in people who have acne lack of confidence.

Many different drugs to get rid of acne, but sometimes if the drug does not fit with our skin, the acne did not disappear, although it will disappear but leave traces of acne on the face that is usually black. It also does not greatly disturb others. Well ... If you want to remove acne scars, below we share powerful tips on how to remove acne scars.

1. Often clean face with water at any time
advance because many teens tuh oily, the oil is not cleaned will clog hole 2 × 2 and eventually face acne

2. Try much as possible not taxable fumes
(Use veil motorcycle helmet existing ato ato pake glass cap 2-face 2nya gentlemen spy not taxable n motor car exhaust)

3. Try do eat spicy foods
(No chili pepper ato her) and do a lot of food fat [less wrote, but not too little, because in addition to lubricating joints, fat is needed in the formation of cells in lung and brain, the lack of fat can harm organs 2nd TSB]

4. Many acne problems because allergic to chicken eggs n
2nd test yourself at the food they will be, if you are allergic emang yes-in whenever possible effort to avoid food-2 tsb

5. If breakouts do push-push
normally even if push and leave black stains and pockmarks on the face

6.Don't stress
he does stress-induced acne

7. Often doing sports
body heat will open the face and pulled holes of facial pores

8.If shampooing shampoos do business-in until taxable face
because most shampoos (especially the pake proteins such as Sunsilk egg n honey, etc that if contact with skin will cause acne)

9. Before use face wash bath of warm water and rinsed
[Pake no hot water, hot water can solve holes next face .. even skin blistered so red half use rinse water if that is too hot] ... do not be rude to places rinsed with acne scars .. because it will eventually cause a pockmarked n n stain black spots on the face ...
Last tips ... this is the most powerful ... before you sleep (malem or afternoon), do the tips no 10

10. Use Caladine LOTION on your face ...
rub evenly ... do not be too thick (if too thick olesannya could even cause acne) ... do not be too thin (this Caladine contain astringent ingredients to summarize the pores of the face) ... and go to sleep ... until the next morning face wash immediately really clean ...
Caladine lotion can be purchased at almost all pharmacies at a price of about $1's (really cheap right? Initially anyway .. I'm sure the hundreds of thousands of drug after not capable healer-in pimples and blemishes on my face let alone drug a dollar ... but finally I just try tetep because there was no choice other) ... pink lotion with menthol smell like ... a picture cover mothers who are carrying a baby ...
Effect Caladine regular use of this lotion will look quickly ... you'll see the pimples on your face will appear more rarely, the skin pores will be more concise and black stains will fade ... and, facial skin look smooth and white ...