Learn The Gospel Of John

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In the year (2003) made a movie about the Gospel entitled 'The Gospel of John.' Film was made by the faithful even literally follow every word of the Gospel of John according to the 'Good News Bible' and dubbed: "This film is a Faithful representation That of Gospel. "Compared to the movie 'The Passion' which takes a lot of non-biblical sources such as visions and expressions of sadistic soul maker, the film 'The Gospel of John' faithful to the content of the gospel that the verses narrated by Christopher Plummer, Captain figure cast
in movie 'The Sound of Music.' The two last chapters of 'The Gospel of John' preaching 'of the risen Jesus "and the film also made professionally anyway.

Unfortunately the movie 'The Gospel of John' the biblical gospel and breathing was much less popular with the movie 'The Passion' which apokrifal it, and tragic that almost pastors and evangelists who used to popularize 'The Passion' is generally silent in the presence of the film 'The Gospel of John. 'In fact, the film is almost negligible in the life of the church and the church did not buy the tickets, let alone play them in building their church. Like the film "Jesus" of Campus Crusade for Christ, who preach the Gospel of Luke as complete as possible, the movie "The Gospel of John" also describes the life of Jesus as recorded in the Gospel of John. The film was actually a great movie, a truly biblical and breathe the gospel and mixed according to modern cinematography is slick and professional.

It was time to grow into the Christian faith and hatinuraninya sensitive and consume away from films that are increasingly sadistic sense of sadism and masosisme stimulate latent in the human heart and began to open itself to be more sensitive to the 'peace and love of Christ' through the scenes they watch movies like the movie 'The Gospel of John' because that's the news 'good news gospel of' the truth and we should scatter-expand. The apostle John, author of 'The Gospel of John' which originally behaves as a 'son of thunder' that, after meeting Jesus referred to as the 'Apostle love.