How Shanghai People Against Stress?


Cushions bearing the name of the boss and the teacher so the place to vent emotions .. Shanghai residents now have an annual event a massive pillow fight to relieve stress.

The event this year is that to-5 with a huge spike in interest of young office workers and students. Organizers were forced to hold a two-night event "pillow fight" before Christmas and plan one more
event on December 30.

"Now there are many office workers and students who are facing severe pressures at work and school, so we hope to give them to relieve their pressure distribution before the end of the year," said Eleven Wang, founder and brains behind the show "pillow fight".

"Sometimes, when we face pressure from bosses, teachers and test us, so today we went crazy. Everyone wants to write in the subject name pillow exam, teachers and their boss, and enjoy and distribute them to as much stress," he added as quoted by Reuters.

"After the channeling stress, we return to face our daily life with full enjoyment," he said.

Initially, the pillows were distributed at the door when the participants entered the room, then emotional participants fueled by a rock concert. Many people began swaying and swinging their pillows to the music, then it was time "battle".

Pillows filled the air, and a lot of "combatants" and instead chose to throw a pillow to beat their opponents, some participants are not fortunate to receive a barrage of punches pillows on their heads, but most participants even willingly plunge into the "chaos" .

"I really enjoyed the fight, but my friend was useless. He just joined the short-lived and could not continue, he was afraid of being beaten by others," says Chen Yi, aged 24 years.

"I do not know who pushed me, but suddenly I was in the pile of pillows, I became the target of many people, and beaten up by all sorts of people," said student named Zhu Shishan.