Listen to Washing Hand Learned

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First of all, you have to choose the proper temperature of water. And to do that, the water should be warm but not hot and not cold. Second of all, you should be washing your hands for only about ten or fifteen seconds, not for a minute, not for five minutes. Then after 20 seconds, its more than enough to do it. Also, choose a soap thats not so costly.
Scrub vigorously with water and soap until lather appears, making sure to get between your fingers and fingernails. Use a nail brush if you have one. Briskly dry with a towel.
The use of a fingernail brush when hands are washed, which provides over 350 times greater removal of transient microorganisms from the hands than hand washing without a brush.
Some studies show that when children are carefully taught to wash their hands school absenteeism is reduced, perhaps especially when alcohol-based hand rubs are combined with handwashing.
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