2 Steps To Disable System Restore

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System restore is one of the facility on a windows system that serves to restore the windows on the condition of an earlier time. By using system restore, you can repair a damaged Windows system into a state back in time some time ago. System restore is one alternative which is quite apt to repair damaged windows system, crashes, hangs, infected with viruses and so forth.

The existence of such an important system restore is also no impact on computer performance. In the process works, system restore will create restore point files on certain dates. Restore point is used to restore the system on the condition of the dates when the restore point was created. Restore points has a fairly large file size, so the more restore points are created, then the remaining hard drive space will also be much increased, resulting in computer performance will also decrease.

For those of you who want to disable system restore, please follow the steps below:

1. Right click on My Computer and select Properties

2. In the System Properties window select the System Restore tab and check the Turn off system restore on all drives and click OK