5 benefits receipt shopping store

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Shopping receipt can help us save money because it can help the household budget setting and is a proof of ownership of goods. How does this work shopping receipt?

1. Shopping receipts to help verify the price is right
Let's say we want to buy goods diskonan 50 percent, shopping receipts will tell us the exact calculations, so we pay a price accordingly. If it does not fit, we certainly could use a receipt as proof of an error.

2. hidden gifts
By looking at the receipt we can find out if we get a bonus of certain items, such as free parking bonus. If there is, we can claim to the information.

3. To refund the cost of
Without a receipt, the store would not want to replace the loss of damage or faults of the goods he sold.

4. For warranty claims
Whether it is machine wash or garden hose, all products must have a risk of damage. The only way to prove that your product is under warranty and are eligible for free repair or replacement is with the store receipt.

5. To claim the bonus collection
There are several shops, a car wash, or a salon that gives free bonus one visit each, eg 10 times. To claim an extra bonus, you certainly have to collect the receipt earlier.