Fastest Runner of Robot

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Mabel, a robot developed by the University of Michigan, USA, last year managed to become the first robot to walk on uneven surfaces. Now, with the improvisation of the developers, the robot succeeded in becoming the fastest runner in the world's robots, with a speed of 10.9 km / h, beating the Toyota robot (4.3 miles / hour) and ASIMO (3.7 miles / hour).

IEEE Spectrum in an article on Tuesday (8/16/2011) and wrote that the ability of the robot is supported by design and human-like characteristics. For example, the robot has a body frame that is more severe than the foot and antarrangka relations system and tool motion similar to human tendons.

In the video, it appears that swing up and down movement of the foot and robot body really looks like a human. The robot spent 40 percent of the time ran on a "flight phase" with the two legs do not touch the ground, just like humans.

Although classified as the fastest robot, the robot speed is still less with sprinter speed that can reach 36 km / hour. But, even had the talent to run, this robot will not be able to catch or grab you. Mabel's body still tied to a stake and had no hand. Mabel was developed by Koushil Sreenath, Hae-Won Park and Professor Jessy Grizzle.

(Fastest Robot Runner)