Place and time Kim Jong Il's Death

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Place and time of the death of Kim Jong Il became a heated debate among South Korea's intelligence agency, the National Intelligence Service (NIS), and the military after NIS Director Won Sei-hoon raises speculation that Kim did not die on the train with the gun. To the National Assembly Intelligence Committee, said Won, Kim's personal train parked at a station in Pyongyang from Friday (12/16) through Sunday (12/18) without any signs of movement.
"Through satellite images spy United States (U.S.), we know that Kim's personal train was moving in Pyongyang," said Won, Chosun Ilbo quoted. Intelligence sources also said there was no sign of movement of trains throughout the day. "We continue to trace the presence of Kim through Thursday (12/15), but failed to find him starting Friday," said Won. "There is a sign that he tried to go to a place (on a Saturday morning) but died a few moments before leaving."An NIS official said, they were convinced that Kim actually died at home. There are several reasons reinforces the notion NIS. One is weather. Temperature in Pyongyang in the morning when Kim died was minus 12 degrees Celsius. Cold weather bad for patients who have a weak heart, such as North Korea's former leader.

So, doctors Kim should not allow him out of the house. Moreover, Kim was known to stay up and usually get up around noon.So, it looks like he's not in the train in the freezing cold morning like that. South Korea believes that there are only a few top officials in the inner circle who knew Kim's death Leader.Overmore Dear, if you take a tour which he described as a tour guide, Kim is always accompanied by hundreds of people including medical staff and guards. Four of the 20 private train car is running the hospital."When Kim died on the train, all medical staff must have been mobilized and it will make the train stop. Surely there are hundreds of people who witnessed it. What might keep it a secret for more than 50 hours? "Said a source in North Korea's Chosun Ilbo. According to Chosun Ilbo, Kim's every go, there's always another train carrying his bodyguards set off first to check the safety rails that will be traversed.

But, reports that Kim had not died on the train the military denied. Military officials believe that Kim was traveling by train between Friday-Sunday."We can show the train which traveled through the station where by using our intelligence network," said an official. "Based on intelligence information, we conclude that the train was moving. Kim's personal train consisted of 20 gerbong.AS and South Korea satellite.Difference always trace its movement through the report has led to allegations that South Korea's top security agencies are still not able to coordinate their efforts earlier this year while trying to fix the exchange of information about North Korea.