How to Maintain Positive Aura?

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The radiation of positive energy from within affecting beauty. There are people who berparas ayu but not pleasing to the eye because not radiate positive energy.
One way to maintain the aura of positive energy or by doing a full-blooded either on the face and body. For maximum results, you need perform routine every week, up to 12 times. In treatment 4 times you may even get a significant change. Costs ranged from $ 5, - to $ 15, - depending on the type of therapy you want full-blooded. However, according to Dian, full-blooded is just one among many ways that need attention.

Among them maintain sleep patterns, diet, and even determine the pattern and think the act. To avoid eating fatty and fried foods, fried foods, as the element that triggers the hormonal glands and excessive calories. Increase consumption of vegetables and watermelon fruit to brighten the skin. Do not forget to keep negative thoughts from your head. Denagn think positive and optimistic, you will not easily tired and stuck in a routine that makes you tired and depressed.