Move Theory of All Continents

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Actually what is meant by the theory of Pangea? Pangea theory is a theory which states that millions of years ago all the continents joined together in one big land called Pangea (before finally continent now consists of 5 pieces of continents). Then for some reason is still not known with certainty, the continents broke out and began to drift in the opposite direction.
The theory goes on to say that the continents will continue to drift until they meet again, in different configurations. At believed by some experts that the Pangea pick the same characteristics as the Antarctica now.

Pangea theory itself is based on the theory of Alfred Wegener, a German scientist. In the year 1920 in the book The Origin of Continents and sea (Entstehung Die Kontinente und der Ozeane), he postulated that all the continents were at one time formed a single supercontinent Pangaea, before then breaking and drifted to its current location. So the ancient continent of deifying a pumice stone that moves because of plate movement at the bottom of this earth's crust. Pangea began to break its self into the continent (mainland) Smaller called Laurasia (land forming the southern hemisphere such as Latin America, Africa, India, Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, New guenea etc.) and Gondwanaland (northern hemisphere land forms such as America and Europe) during the Jurassic period (dinosaur era).

Whereas in the late Cretaceous period continent continent there has been similar to what we see today (5 continents). At the continent Pangea formed, the land becomes land that continent now has a liaison mainland (continental bridge) which connects the southern part of the American continent (Latin), Africa, India, Australia and Antartica.The asking it now is, when the crust of the earth's crust is constantly moving up today, then how it speed? okay, so this way, the continent that we live now moving very slowly (and can not be felt by us who stand on), the movement of continental plates these plates every year reaches 1.5 inch / year even slower than the growth of our fingernails of his annual . And with this clear air of millions of millions of years required for the mainland continent to move apart and form the continents that exist today.

And we are aware of any tapa continent continent now we have "collide" and his process has been ongoing for several million years, mainland Africa has collided with the continent of Europe. Italy, Greece and almost all cities in the Mediterranean is part of the African plate groove, and his movements had been recorded in the last 40 million years (according to the geologist). Other signs of such a movement is the Swiss Alps and the Pyrenees mountains have been pushing each other, causing earthquakes that sometimes invade the territory of Greece and Turkey. Australia as well as its future predicted when calculated with the movement of Earth's plates, then Australia will continue to move northward to hit Southeast Asia. as well as other continents such as the American continent.