How To See The Constellations

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These days, sailors could use a compass, GPS or even as a signpost.

But first, in the days before all the technology is present, the sailor turned out to rely on the constellations!

Aside from being a signpost, constellations can also be used to determine the direction of the wind. In fact, of the constellations, the farmer can know the exact time for planting. Nature can be
sophisticated, too, huh?

But, maybe not all people understand how to see the constellations. Well, here's how easy it is:
1. A good time to see the constellations are in the dry season. It was a brighter sky. As for time, passing from 18:30 o'clock.
2. Find the location of the minimal pollution. For example, in the mountains or hills.
3. Bring a map of the constellations as a guide. No need to be ashamed, we're still a beginner.
4. Use binoculars, so more clearly.

If you already know how, here are leaked constellations which indicates the direction of the wind:
1. Great Bear constellation (or Pots Great), indicating the direction of North.
2. Kite constellations, showing the south.
3. Orion constellation, or a hunter, show the direction of the West.
4. Constellation Scorpio, shows the east. Only, this constellation was pretty much, so it really should be careful when looking for it.