Robyn Album Body Talk

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Five-year hiatus seems to be an excellent revenge for soloists from Sweden, Robyn. Throughout 2010 yesterday Robyn has released two albums and one EP, each labeled with Body Talk, as a series of sections 1 to 3. With a total of 21 tracks spread over 3 sections, as if confirmed, if during the period of hibernation Robyn remain productive and produce work.
In closing, the end of the year, precisely November 2010, the third album was later make summary in a compilation that can be described as a collection of the best song in the trilogy, Body Talk.

Listening to this album there are advantages and disadvantages exist. The good news is we do not have to bother to listen to repay the entire Body Talk, because this album has been collecting material that is considered the most prominent of the three albums. Moderate weakness is the moment we lose the whole of this album and spend a few songs that are not less interesting. Apart from that, as a compilation, Body Talk has done its job well.

Fifteen songs contained in this album is proof that Robyn will sing not only reliable but also writes and arranges her songs. Body Talk is an electro-pop album that does not just look at the lyrics and a catchy hook but still keeping the aesthetic as a music class. Each canting tone melodies and maintained in a groove, so it is not surprising that more than one song kelagu feels has a red thread and similarities though also sounded different.

The material is still dealing with love, romance and insignificantly associated with it, though also not menganaktirikan songs that scream about the existence of such F * cking Do not Tell Me To Do, which seemed to affirm that in this album Robyn wants free to work without a label or be dictated by anyone. Yep, Robyn also acted as executive producer on this album through Konichiwa Records hers. Moody trance-style songs in such a medium tempo None of Dem as the desire to justify self-Robyn.

Hey, but Body Talk does not merely contain the resistance really. In general this is the album that relies on the beat-beat fast and took sway, as if Robyn wanted to heat up the dance floor. We Dance to the Beat, as he said in a stylized chant mantras such as reading and trying to hypnotize other people to participate in it. Although there is also a Dancing On My Own stomping music that has processed but instead feels bitter and morose. Really special.

Although there is no similar hits Show Me Love or Konichiwa Bitches again, but still provide the Body Talk songs like Dancehall Queen reggeaton style or Time Machine, a stomping disco anthem and Hang With Me or Love Kills, a sweet pop addictive , and should be recognized as the commercial side of this album if you do not want to be called jenerik.

Body Talk privilege is contained in Robyn's efforts in giving a wide enough range to hit-hit elektropopnya. Experimenting with the style and flow but also the theme of loss is not easy-listening elements. Compromise on one part but still idealistic elsewhere. Robyn seemed to want to prove if he is a name to be reckoned with in the pop world skena. Indestructible perhaps the strongest example to represent the atmosphere of this album as a whole.

For this album workmanship Robyn assisted by names quite familiar, such as Max Martin in Time Machine or Snoop Dog featuring U as a partner in the U Should Know Me Better. Class Åhlund itself plays an important role not only as producers but also help Robyn wrote most of his albums. Cooperation compact it is they who cause the Body Talk has a pop-hell feel a refreshing yet eclectic in presenting a classy music. Is it too much if the 'Body Talk' is called as one of the albums dance / pop best for 2010? It was not. Because the reward as Best Dance Recording for the song Dancing On My Own in the event the gift of 53 Grammy Awards to the past is one of the proof.