Kate Middleton always showed her teeth clean and white

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EVERY time a smile, Kate Middleton has always showed her teeth clean and white like a pearl. Apparently, she did not get it naturally. The Duchess of Cambridge is to get it with special care dentist from France.

She underwent a form of treatment harmonious asymmetry of a revolutionary new dental surgery to get a sparkling smile that has made millions of people around the world spellbound.

That's all thanks to Didier Fillion, a dental surgeon from London who also beautify teeth Kelly Brook, Sadie Frost, and John Galliano. The amazing works of Fillion is a great result but it looks natural.

Care by Dr. Fillion is done by using braces to move teeth and align the subtle, but still retain their natural shape. Also, by creating the illusion of a small rotation of the polishing surface or adding porcelain enamel on the teeth.

According to David Winkler, the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, the trick is aimed at achieving "harmonious asymmetry '. Dr. Fillion says, "The teeth that look like piano keys was not wonderful so we try to give back some of the extras such as incisors is shorter.

Dramatic changes
Dr. Fillion will put braces on the back teeth of patients and demonstrate to patients display the final result by using 3D computer software. "So, if you say, 'I do not like your teeth, you can change it?' I can change it. "

Care Dr. Kate Fillion to do in Wimpole Street. The results do give a dramatic change in her smile began when he first appeared as a student at St Andrews University. She started treatment when she started highlighted by the public as Prince William's girlfriend and then fiancee.

As many as 75 percent of patients of Dr. Fillion is a female with the majority aged 30 to 40 years. Once a month she flew to Monaco to take care of the country's royal family dentist. He also has a clinic in Geneva that serves patients from Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia.