10 Most Popular Cars Diesel

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Increasing gasoline prices, making consumers are switching to use of diesel-engined cars. Therefore, diesel cars offer fuel efficiency is quite large, and a lower tax rate.

As reported by citing a report Motor.co.uk Dailymail, Monday, November 21, 2011, car diesel saving choice for every family, without having to worry about the cost of running a car.

Based Motor.co.uk cooperation with one specialist car sales site, This is Money. Both are trying to provide a list of 10 most popular diesel cars fuel-efficient materials.

1. VW Golf
Volkswagen Golf diesel became the most popular car in Britain. This tiny car design has a high resale value. VW-known reliable machine that can efficiently build reliable in terms of fuel and light weighted. This car can run with the fuel consumption of 23.97 km / liter. The price ranged between 4500-10000 pounds strelling.

2. Rover 75
After launch, the Rover 75 is one of the most popular ministerial cars in the UK Government. Diesel version of this car is very economical with the level of 59.2 mpg fuel consumption. Prices range from 1000-6000 pounds strelling.

3. Ford Focus
Ford Focus diesel is also one of the most popular family cars in the UK. This car offers a luxurious and sophisticated features. While the fuel consumption rate reached 58 mpg. Prices range from 6500-9000 pounds strelling

4. Ford Fiesta
This hatchback variant is known to fuel economy. The gasoline version it becomes prey to consumers. Ford went on to become the king of hatchbacks in Europe. Diselnya version is also no less efficient, with fuel consumption rate reached 62.8 mpg. This is one of the most sought after cars on Motors.co.uk, with a price range between 5500-9000 pounds strelling.

5. Mini Cooper
For you lovers of classic cars are economical, the Mini Cooper was the top choice. Small car made by BMW offers a level of fuel consumption 72.4 mpg. While the prices ranged between 6000-8900 pounds strelling.

6. BMW 3 Series
The car is intended for young executives. BMW 3 series diesel version is a very sempuna. In addition to luxurious design, the car is also not greedy fuel. Levels of fuel consumption is only 47.9 mpg. Prices range between 10000-13000 pounds strelling.

7. Vauxhall Corsa
This type of car city car offers fuel consumption rate is low, at 61.4 mpg. This car is priced at pounds strelling 5000-7500.

8. Renault Clio
Clio diesel version of the successful young people into the car genre, the sporty and fuel efficient. Levels of fuel consumption is only 67.3 mpg. This car is released to the market at prices between 6000 -12 000 pounds strelling.

9. Toyota Yaris
Yaris became the only Japanese-made diesel cars are most popular. The design is luxurious and provided with adequate luggage, make this car a success in the world car market. Yaris has the highest fuel consumption of 68.9 mpg. This car was released with a price tag of pounds strelling 4995-8500.

10. Peugeot 206
206 diesel version is known as the most convenient and safe car ride. Not only fuel efficient, this car also has a stylish design. Levels of fuel consumption is only 65.7 mpg. Prices range from 4425-7000 pounds strelling.

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