Foods That Make Allergies For Child

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HOW Moms firsts the first to introduce solid foods to your baby? Does your child directly gusto, shaking his head, food or even just sprayed him cry?

As parents, Moms definitely want to give the best for the beloved baby is not it? Surely this includes intake of nutrients consumed the little guy. When Moms are forced to deal with the problem of child allergies, should be how do ya?
Let's be smart mom!

Foods That Make Allergies

Derived from food allergies are usually derived from the protein element of a nutrient or food ingredients. For example protein from animal dishes, dairy, and nuts.

Protein is one of the macro nutrients (main) needed for growth and development (the builder substance). Therefore, the determination of an infant or child suffering from allergies should be confirmed by a doctor to avoid excessive restrictions that could interfere with growth.

Moms and need to know, generally foods that often cause allergies are:
- Cow's milk protein
- Protein eggs, seafood (shrimp, squid, crab, etc.) and some fish
- Peanuts

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