Mouthwash against Tartar

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Researchers from the University of California, United States, found that mouthwash is effective against tartar. Wenyuan Shi, who led the research, it developed a mouthwash that kills bacteria that cause cavities.

Scientists are researching, how bacteria interact within their colony, to create a plaque on the teeth. Apparently, the bacteria convert food particles into acids, destroying tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. The accumulation of plaques that form in the long term lead to gum disease, and
even the risk of tooth loss.

To combat these bacteria, the doctor uses an antibacterial ingredient called antimicrobial peptides (Stamps). Materials are successfully influencing the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and does not affect other bacteria.

The technology is different from the use of antibiotics, which kill all bacteria indiscriminately. The product was also tested on 12 patients for four consecutive days. The result, they can significantly reduce the development of destructive bacteria that tooth.

Wenyuan Shi himself is allowed to investigate further, to produce it for mouthwash products can be marketed. But experts stressed that if the product enters the market, so the results are more effective, permanent tooth brushing should not be abandoned. It had to be done before using mouthwash.