Beyond the threat of High Protein Diet

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High-protein diet made by cutting out carbohydrates, and eat more meat. This diet can indeed reduce body weight quickly. This is caused by the reduction of energy reserves that should come from carbohydrates, as well as the onset of dehydration due to high protein intake.

However, if not exactly lived this diet can threaten health. Because the high protein intake could incriminate gastric function, liver and kidneys. Therefore, the three organs of the body must work hard to neutralize these proteins. The danger, the balance of vitamins and minerals so disturbed.

In addition, these diets can also result in the body does not get the calories needed in a day (less than 1500 calories). As a result, even more decreased metabolism, which makes it easy even impact your weight go up quickly. In fact, can be more severe than the original.

Thus, when the body feels weak, should stop this diet. If you stick to a diet rich in these proteins in a long time, consequently you can be quickly tired, dizziness, sleeplessness, dry skin and constipation.

To be able to feel the positive impact of low-calorie diet without being exposed to negative impacts, it is necessary to modifications in diet programs. Some examples of high-protein diet modification are as follows:

1. Eat fish, soya beans and their processed products, nuts, and olive oil as a source of protein and fat intake of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.

2. Avoid saturated fats (satured fat). Replace the intake of meat, cream, and butter with nuts, fish and olive oil.

3. Increase your intake of fruits as a source of carbohydrates such as apples, bananas, mangoes, oranges, pear, and guava in the daily menu.

4. If necessary (as directed) can increase the intake to prevent deficiency of certain nutrients such as fiber, minerals, and vitamins that are needed.