Crazy Idea To Order Wedding Dress

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Elena De Angelis dream wedding an unforgettable lifetime. Having racked my brain, the Italian woman was desperate to realize this crazy idea to order a wedding gown with a long tail of three

Sitting side by side with his girlfriend in a car without a roof, Elena let the tail of her dress hanging on the street. She did not worry her dress is lost, because hundreds of people volunteered to help hold the thin fabric cascade along the road to the church.

Elena trip down the aisle of the church into the arena spectacle of local residents. Arriving at the church, some wedding organizers slowly roll up the cloth around the church.

The designer Gianni Molaro, who designed the white dress ivory, it needed about 6,000 meters of silk fabrics to realize the dream of Elena.

The hope, the action was to break the record from the Guinness Book of Records for the longest wedding dress in the world, as quoted by the Daily Mail.