Chris Paul Made Good Play With Clippers


Chris Paul played pretty good in his first NBA game with the Los Angeles Clipppers against the Golden State Warriors. Meanwhile, Oklahoma City Thunder Orlando Magic successfully bend.

Be a guest for the Warriors, in a match which ended on Monday (12/26/2011) noon CST, the Clippers won with a score of 105-86 is final.

Paul, who joined the Clippers two weeks ago, appear attractive for his new team. He recorded 20 points and nine assists. Blake Girffin help with donations 22 points and seven rebounds, and Chauncey Billups contributed 21 points.

Of the host, Monta Ellis was able to keep his game and carved out 15 points plus eight assists, although a few hours earlier, his grandmother in Mississippi, died. David Lee added 21 points plus 12 rebounds for the Warriors, but that does not make them gain victory.

In Oklahoma City, Thuners began their work in the NBA this season with the Orlando Magic with a 97-89 conquest. Kevin Durant became a star with a notch 30 points,