5 Persons With Strange Eyes

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Nong Youhui: Chinese boys can see in the dark

Nong Youhui from Dahua in southern China reported to be see in the dark with bright blue eyes and see clearly because most people in the daytime. Doctors who have studied the amazing sight Youhui said that Nong Nong was born with a condition known as luekodermia. Therefore, the eyes are very sensitive to high light and has less protective pigment.

Girl with X-ray eyes

Heise of California, the U.S. has had a remarkable eye with divine abilities at birth. She can see through everyone's body and see the parts and organs in the body as an X-ray machine. Medical experts feel very curious about the ability Heise, but there is no way to explain this strange phenomenon. They can only surmise that Heise has a special "quani synesthesia".

A teenager with strange white eyes

Laura Castro in Miami, Florida, United States of America is a beautiful teenager. He has a strange white eyes, experts and doctors can not explain. In addition, Laura's eyes can see through solid rock and metal. He was born normal but developed pure white eyes at the age of 10 yrs. Ophthalmologists and other experts have done much research on his white eyes, but no one can explain what causes this rare condition.

Veronica: a girl who can no longer close his eyes

Veronica's tragic past can be considered as victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This disaster makes sorrow for family and friends. Doctors said he had a rare cancer and if not operated, he will eventually die. Veronica permanent pain because she can no longer close her eyes, her eyes are always dry and swollen.

Claudio Pinto

Claudio Pinto able to spend her eyes TO 4 cm from the eye socket. Mr Pinto has undergone various tests, and all the doctors were surprised, they say this is the case only those who have seen or heard. Many people believe that Pinto had strange eyes, but he was very proud and thought it was a gift from God. Thanks to this miracle, he can make money easily by gigs in crowded places.