Taos Hum

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In the small town of Taos - New Mexico U.S. citizens and visitors some of the desert for years heard the faint low-frequency hum and mysterious. Surprisingly, only 2% of the population of the city of Taos heard a voice like that ....People call it the Hum, or the Taos Hum, depending on the location of the buzz was.
Hum reported in various places, but the report of the most famous of the city of Taos. Some people think that Hum result of non-conventional acoustic effects; some are suspected mass is phobia or work nosy certain people are bad tendencies. Even more surprising is the method of sound detection of the most sensitive and far beyond any human capability can not detect such noise.City of Taos is located tens of miles away from the capital of Santa Fe - New Mexico which is a gathering place for artists who come from the Eastern U.S. and from Europe. In Taos artists were set up studios, villas, opening various types of bars and art salon, live the life of other types of artists.Taos from the 20th century to the present is experiencing a state like this: from previously did not have a phone, with native Indians who can not speak English, until now a great vacation spot for Hollywood stars, the billionaires, in short, Taos has become a prosperous village artists.There is a farm, located twenty miles from Taos, Georgia O'Keeffe once lived, one of the most prominent artists in the U.S., a trendsetter of modern art. The last fifty years of his life he had always lived in Taos, at an undisclosed private places that only accompanied by the desert and surrounded by mountains in the vicinity.In Taos and Santa Fe, almost every gallery hung replicas of his work and his work, while his works have become the most important collections of leading museums.