Kim Jong Il : Nature and Art

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North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il, 69, passed away on Monday, December 19, 2011. Kim died after surviving a stroke he suffered from the disease since 3 years ago. In addition to stroke, Jong Il also had diabetes and heart disease. During his life Jong Il is known as a heavy smoker, a fan of cigars, liquor, and sweet foods.
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Kim Jong Il's death was announced by state television this morning. Men born Vyatskoye, Russia, this has led North Korea 17 years, succeeded his father Kim Il Sung, who died in 1994. His political career began in 1980, when he led the Congress of the Communist Party of North Korea the sixth.

It was Jong Il serves as the supreme leader in the Politburo, and Secretariat of the Party's Military Commission. February 1982, when Kim became one of the seven members of the highest representatives of the people of North Korea, the world has witnessed a soccer terjangnya as a leader.

Men born Baekdu, February 16, 1942, it earned the nickname "Beloved Leader" or "chinaehaneun jidoja" of his people. He was the first son of the first wife of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Suk. Kim did not have siblings, but he has a half sister named Kim Pyong Il.

Aware of his condition is no longer healthy, in September last year, Kim Jong Il has appointed his third son of second wife, Kim Jong-Eun, to succeed him. Although suffering from serious illness, a few months ago Kim and colleagues note still visiting China and Russia. In some images acquired media, Kim brought along his son Kim Jong-Eun to be introduced.