Giving Responsible Freedom To Children

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Whether for children or adults, it's freedom like a knife. It can be very useful for development, but can also be very dangerous. This is dependent portions and depending on the context of its use.

Freedom granted in excess will be omission. Even if passed, would make the child is not aware of the limits that need to be maintained so that it becomes arbitrarily own.

But, does not mean that freedom is given in small portions and then make the child being good. If a portion has reached the level that is too restrain or limit, either for reasons of affection or whatever, would also not support its progress.

Gives less freedom to encourage children to build a sense of shame or be shy. For example we are too often correct appearance. Initiative of the child to present himself in a pure hindered by the correction we are. Lack of freedom can also encourage children to build doubt in his decision not to act so strong or easily influenced.

Less creative freedom can also be into it. Children become parents as gatekeepers initiatives are not trained to be creative. For example, we always insist the child must follow all our advice, without giving the freedom to choose for the things that are required to be creative.

Children are also very likely lack the confidence to be himself when his freedom taken away parents continue to dominate him. Capital to be confident is to do something with a risk free there must be one or less.

In order that freedom does not become a disaster for children, we need to do is be with her with moral values ​​that guide, through the responsible exercise of discipline or assignment, giving the option to train the mind to consider the risks of action.

We have to realize that giving freedom to educate it's not easy. If you just give freedom, it can be done by everyone. Because of this, still need the ability to understand the stages of maturity and readiness of children.

May be useful.