Kim Jong Un's Eagle Hair Style

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Kim Jong-un, son of North Korean President Kim Jong-il, who had just died, appeared to have a hairstyle popular in North Korea.

Jong-il's youngest son is believed to attract public attention in getting support to continue his father's power. Hair Model Jong-un is the model that split the middle ear thinned on the side. Jong-un how to dress himself following the style of the Chinese communist revolutionary leader, Mao Ze Dong, who likes to dress dark color.

Media North Korea, Chosun Ilbo, said that Jong-un haircut brings message of "young" and "ambitious". "Very stylish and shows ambition," wrote the mass media.

Currently haircut Jong-un was followed by young people of North Korea. The force has considered attractive for the community.

This year regular photographs Jong-un with his father perpetuated by foreign photographers who came to North Korea.

Jong Il, 69, passed away on Monday, December 19, 2011. Kim died after surviving a stroke he suffered from the disease since three years ago. In addition to stroke, Jong Il also had diabetes and heart disease. During his life Jong Il is known as a heavy smoker, a fan of cigars, liquor, and sweet foods.