Longest quiz TV show In the world

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It's Academy is a quiz program on television which has aired nearly half a century.

The quiz program allows participants-who are high school students to compete fighting their brains. The quiz show has always aired on Saturday mornings.

Like 50 years ago, students from schools in the Washington DC area are answering questions about history, literature, mathematics, science, religion, politics, and sports.

It's Academy program producer, Susan Altman, said the event was very enjoyable. "The participants who are high school students was very enthusiastic and always say funny things without the intention to shorten the time," he said.

Altman's mother, Sophie, is a television producer in the 1950's who first started the quiz program at the request of local school officials, in order to filter out students excel.

Some famous Americans could follow the quiz when they were teenagers like Hillary Clinton and former astronaut Timothy Creamer. Expected later also more characters who will appear on the quiz and be famous.