How to stimulate a Good dream

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The first thing to be avoided in order not to bad dreams are fatty foods. The more we consume foods high in fat, the quality of our sleep will be minor. You should eat lots of vegetables and fruits before bedtime to stimulate a good dream.

In addition to fatty foods, spicy foods can also trigger nightmares. Spicy foods are proven to increase body temperature and result in sleep disorders. Too much food as close to bedtime can also affect the body's
metabolism and increase brain activity, causing a nightmare, so avoid those things.
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The next thing that needs to be avoided in order not nightmare is alcohol. Alcohol is a material which is an antidepressant that can help you to fall asleep in the short term. However, after the effect is lost, alcohol will only get you into trouble sleeping. Excess consumption can also create a nightmare.

Several types of drugs including antidepressants, barbiturates, and narcotics can cause nightmares as a side effect of its use. However, various types of illnesses including fever, or flu, is also often trigger nightmares and other sleep disorders. Therefore, try you're always in a healthy condition without drug dependence.

And the last thing to be avoided in order not to bad dreams is anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress is also a major cause of the nightmare over and over. Therefore go to sleep with a feeling relaxed and comfortable to get a beautiful dream and sleep quality. May be useful.