abnormalities of the thyroid

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Four months later, John, 20 years, often feel faint. Semantap no first hand, too often shaking his finger. Weight loss also dropped drastically. "And I do not change their diet and exercise as usual," he said. When coma and was hospitalized, doctors diagnosed that John had abnormalities of the thyroid gland.
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According to endocrinologist, thyroid gland disorders occur because the thyroid hormone that consists of hormones T4 (thyroxine) and T3 produced by these glands can not work together with thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH), produced by the gland of the brain. "Diseases that arise can vary, can hyperthyroidism or excess thyroid hormone, thyroid hormone deficiency atawa hypothyroidism, goiter, and impaired bone growth, until the tumor or cancer of the thyroid gland," he said.

One example of a disease that most often arises from disorders of this gland is mumps. According to doctors, many people the wrong perception, goiter due to iodine deficiency. Though mumps is also induced by the thyroid gland is disturbed, "Therefore, the performance of this gland is totally dependent on the reaction of the body when performing thyroid hormone secretion or disposal," he said.

Body of a person who has certain disorders of the thyroid gland can not be detected by outward symptoms. "There should be a test lab, and then consulted specifically to an endocrinologist or a specialist glands in order to get the right treatment," said the doctor.

During these actions most often performed to treat diseases arising from abnormalities of the thyroid gland is the surgery, administration of radioactive rays on the thyroid gland, and hormone replacement therapy. But all medical action can not be completed immediately. One time the disease could arise again, so treatment should be done regularly. Sometimes people who have gone many wondering why sent back to the doctor? "Because, this is a disease caused by abnormalities in the body," said another specialist in internal medicine.

Symptoms of thyroid gland disorders must be recognized from the beginning. The doctor pointed out the symptoms of excess thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism), which often affects women. "Excessive Sweating, insomnia, heart beats faster, and frequent bowel movements," he said. "When getting worse, will affect the outer physical, such as the eyes tend to stare, hair loss, skin thin and smooth, and weight loss."

Hyperthyroidism often occurs in new mothers. Again, not a lack of iodine causes, but the body's autoimmune reaction that changes during pregnancy. "During pregnancy, maternal autoimmunity autoimmunity follow his son, although they are different individuals,"

Thyroid hormone deficiency (hypothyroidism) had symptoms and physical appearance otherwise. "For example, tiredness, drowsiness, chills, and body weight tended to increase despite a reasonable diet and exercise regularly," said the doctor. If both diseases are allowed to get worse, can cause cancer and tumors of the thyroid gland which leads to death.

According to doctors, not all people who live in areas rich in salt can be freed from this gland disorder. Therefore, this disease is not necessarily due to lack of iodized salt. "The salt is a salt containing iodine through fortification or chemical process to convert salt or pure NaCl to iodine," he said.

doctors cite one case the distribution of the thyroid gland disorders in Japan coast, whose inhabitants actually diligent eating salty foods. "Once again, diseases such as mumps and other diseases due to abnormalities of the gland in some areas was not caused by a shortage of salt. If most eating salt can also be affected by hypertension," he said.