Meteor Shower

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Manga and Japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango is indeed a success as a drama adapted by several countries, including the title of Meteor Garden Taiwan and mainland China with the title of Meteor Shower.

Well, drama Meteor Shower which produced China's leading television station, Hunan TV also managed to achieve a high rating in 2009, thus paving the way for the manufacture of its sequel, Meteor Shower 2. This sequel to the drama has just started shooting in Xiamen.

In the promo photo Meteor Shower 2, the five main characters of the play was again performed the first Yuxun Chu (Zheng Shuang), Murong Yunhai (Zhang Han), Duanmu Lei (Yu Haoming), Shangguan Ruiqian (Zhu Zixiao) and Ye Shuo (Wei Chen ). It turns out the hair style and fashion in their appearance in the photo is different from previous appearances in the first Meteor Shower.

Five of them look more mature and their personalities as a character drama is more highlighted. Like Yunhai (Dao Ming Chinese style SHE) is wearing a black dress more suitable character 'cool', while Chu Yuxun (Sanchai China-it), wearing a different dress and skirt which is more energetic and 'cute'.