Teach Children Managing Money

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Teach children to manage finances will prevent children from an early age to become consumptive adulthood. However, parents often feel confused in choosing appropriate way so that children have these skills.

Many methods are used so that children can manage and spend money wisely. One of them by telling stories. By telling stories or watching a theater, your child can start learning to manage money for snacks at the elementary school, when he began to understand the numbers and
interact with friends his age.

"With the variety of stories such as through an exciting musical theater contains a simple message to arrange financing, we hope the children can be motivated to start managing the money they have," said Hotman Simbolon, Vice President of Customer Care Center Head, Citi Indonesia such as broadcast in the description release.

Here are some easy steps that parents can do to teach children how to manage money.

1. Teach the concept of money
Explain the meaning of money in children. Teach all about value for money while he was learning to calculate.

2. Explain that it is not easy to earn money
Children should also be given an understanding that getting money is not something easy. Parents can give homework to the child and provide an incentive if completed homework well. Thus, the child will realize, to get the money it takes hard work, and must spend it wisely.

3. Child's motivation to make savings
Teach and give encouragement to children to set aside part of their pocket money to save. Motivation of a child with a gift if the value of saving at most. Apply all savings habits from childhood to invite children to save money in the piggy bank and accompany parents while saving money in the bank.

So that children can understand, parents need consistency and patience. Thus, when adult children have the ability to manage financial provision wisely.