How To Build Catfish Farming

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This type of catfish does have many fans, because this type of fish has a tasty meat, and do not have many thorns. Besides catfish also has a low price, so the catfish can be enjoyed by all walks of life. The amount of interest in the market will be catfish are often used as one of the lucrative business opportunities.
From start to business culinary assortment of catfish catfish farming business to a profitable, able to provide a substantial profit. Catfish, including one fish that is fairly easy cultivation and growing very fast. So many business people who choose to be cultivated catfish.

Step successful cultivation of catfish

In the process of catfish farming, steps - steps taken are as follows:

1. Spawning process

Spawning process for catfish mating male and female catfish is not difficult. Spawning is the process of bringing the male and female to release eggs and sperm cells. This process is usually carried out at the pool - a special spawning ponds, by mixing catfish catfish males and females who have fulfilled certain requirements.

Terms of male broodstock:

* Head of the male parent is smaller than females, and flattened skull
* The color of the chest skin of the male parent older than the female, and her skin is more delicate than females
* Gender male prominent, extending to the rear behind the anus with a reddish color
* Stomach sires and supple male slimmer than the female parent
* Movement of catfish males more agile than the females

Terms of female broodstock:

* His head was larger than the female parent
* The color of the female catfish klit chest is lighter than the male
* Gender female parent oval and reddish, his hole wide and located behind the anus. Normally a mature egg is yellow
* For the female parent usually motion is not agile as male parent
* Her stomach is more bloated than the male parent

During the process of spawning catfish broodstock fed with high protein content. After a given protein is high enough, the parent female is ready to be fertilized. The fertilized egg will hatch into chicks catfish after 24 hours. After the age of one week separated the pups with the mother, while for the removal of pups after two-week-old puppies.

How to Transfer of catfish seedlings:

- Reduce water in spawning nests until the water level ranges from 10 cm to 20 cm

- Setting up a shelter (a basin or bucket) that has been filled with water from the spawning pond

- Identify the temperature of a swimming pool with a temperature of spawning puppies

- Move the seedlings from spawning ponds using the cup or plate

- Then move the seedlings to the nursery pond with a heart - hearts on maalm day, because it is still vulnerable to high water temperatures

2. Cultivation

The process of cultivation is the process of enlargement to the size of catfish seedlings ready for sale ranging from 5 cm to 12 cm. After the seedlings were separated into a nursery pond, try swimming provided a protection from high temperatures. Can usually use a plastic cover or use the water hyacinth plants as cover crops.

In addition to the pool temperature setting, in the process of nursery seedlings are allowed to issue catfish meal. Can be a natural feed as larvae larvae, water fleas, small worms, or plankton that can be given as catfish chicks aged less than 3-4 days. After the age of 3-4 days, the seedlings are allowed catfish fed with artificial nutrition and protein levels are quite high. By adding the NASA POC that contain essential minerals and proteins with a dose of 1-2 cc / kg of feed that has been mixed with a little water.

For maximum results, a catfish can be harvested after the age of 6 to 8 months. However, less than that time, catfish can be harvested if the weight has already reached 200 grams per head. How to succeed with catfish farming business, can be used as one example of a promising business opportunity. Regards success.