Metal ball from space Fall in Namibia

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Metal ball from space that crashed in Namibia finally revealed. These heavenly bodies previously had made ​​a scene of residents in the African continent. Then the object is horrendous?
Tara Condell

According to the researchers who conducted the investigation of these objects reveals, most likely the fuel tank of an unmanned rocket. It has a heavy metal ball 6 pounds with a 1.1 meter diameter,
found near a village in a remote pasture about 750km from the capital, Windhoek.

Residents reported hearing a small explosion a few times a few days earlier and authorities contacted the authorities confused NASA and European space agencies. While the Internet began to swirl about the rumors that it might be evidence of alien life beyond Earth.

Launched by The Age, Tuesday (12/27/2011), the scientists speculate that it is a 39-liter tank of hydrazine, which is usually used on unmanned rockets to launch satellites. But they do not explain why the ball fall into a particular geographic footprint.

In the past 20 years, several similar ball is rumored to have fallen in South Africa, Australia and Latin America.

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