Portland Pittock Mansion ghost

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Portland, Oregon has developed a reputation as the most haunted city, thanks to the strange history and the high number of ghost sightings. One of the most famous house in the city is Pittock Mansion, a home decoration built in 1914 by a wealthy businessman and his wife, both died shortly thereafter. Visitors claim to have seen apparitions and footsteps coming from empty rooms, and doors and
windows will sometimes open by itself. The most bizarre of all it is, Mr. Pittock portrait, people who built the house, whether it's portrait will be found in various parts of the house preference, as if able to move themselves from room to room. In addition to home Pittock, Portland still has a place haunted including Bagdad theater, a theater built in the 20s which allegedly houses a number of spirits, and Willamette rivers, where in recent years a phantom rowboat has been seen by several peoplePortland beach location was established as a center of shipping and ports for sailors during 1800. This eventually led to the emergence of a practice known as shanghaiing, where men and women many are abducted from a bar or hotel, sent to the East, and maketh a forced labor or prostitution. Portland becoming famous for its made ​​a series of labyrinthine underground tunnels that down city streets, which are used by Shanghaiiers as a safe way to capture and move the victim to the port without being seen. At present, the tunnel is said to be haunted by ghosts of the people who kidnapped, many of whom have never seen or heard from again.