10 Most popular Android app

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Android operating system is currently the operating system most widely used. Open platform on the Android operating system is considered to be one reason for the popularity of Android.

The number of applications that can be downloaded in the Android Market is also one decoy to buy a smartphone based on Android. Moreover, many applications can be downloaded for free.

So, what are the most widely used application on the Android. Here are the top ten list of the most widely used applications, which quoted from Bussiness Insider:

10. Pandora Radio

Pandora is an application that can be used as a radio player. A total of 23.9 percent Android users use this application.

9. Quickoffice Pro

These applications are very useful used by students and business affairs. With this application, Android users can edit a document that commonly exist in Office format, with Quickword, Quicksheet, Quickpoint and QuickPDF. This application is used about 25.3 percent of Android users.

8. Angry Birds

Rovio game developed applications this is indeed the most popular games today. Released since 2009, game birds angriest troops beat this green pig downloaded by about 25.9 percent.

7. Advanced Task Killer

This application is useful to close the application is still active and provides space for RAM. In addition, this application is also helpful to make the phone run faster. A total of 26.1 percent Android users use this application.

6. YouTube

Video-sharing service provider is a built-in applications that exist in every Android phone. However, 'only' 51.4 per cent of Android users who use this application.

5. Google Search

Although Google's search engine become the most visited sites, but not as a king Google Search application on Android. A total of 71.9 percent Android users use this application.

4. Facebook

Facebook is a social network of the most widely used Android users. This application is recorded as much as 73.5 per cent used by Android users.

3. Gmail

As a fellow Google products, Gmail is built-in applications that exist in every Android-based smartphones. Naturally, if the application is used by 74.5 percent Android users. Moreover, to enter the Android Market, requires a Gmail account.

2. Google Maps

This application is very useful as a map that can be pocketed in a pocket. Equipped with GPS for easy location search, it's normal 74.6 percent of users use Google Maps Android as signpost.

1. Android Market

To download other applications, the Android Market application is necessary. Moreover, this application has a built-in with all Android smartphones. So the reason is quite obvious is not it?

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