How to boil eggs

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With the use of a microwave oven, the Nordic Ware Egg Poacher provides you not only to poach eggs but also to boil eggs. I label this egg poacher a kitchenware primarily because it isn’t a kitchen appliance as it cannot make eggs by its own and you would require a microwave to use it.

Take water in a pan and slide the eggs in it carefully. Do not stack them one over the other. The water level should be 1-2 above eggs. Cook for about 15mins on medium high. Microwave on high until water begins to simmer/boil (10-15 minutes depending on microwave wattage and the volume of water in the bowl). After 30 seconds cooking, the water will return to a gentle boil, and cook the eggs, as they do conventionally. 3 minutes will cook the eggs to soft boil stage and 5 - 6 minutes ( according to their size) will cook to a hard boil. Place the pot with the eggs on the stove and bring to a boil. Cover the pot and boil for 10 minutes.

Our first eggs were way too hard. But now we have mastered it (40 secs cooking and 20 secs standing from our microwave) I think this little device makes the closest substitute for pan-swirled poached eggs of anything I've tried. For the perfect hard boiled eggs, use the Nordic Ware egg cooker for 10 mins. Same procedure, same process, but just cook the eggs for a few minutes longer.