Mixed Foods Base To Dirty

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It turns out the food in this world is very diverse, of course, various types of food is due to the different places, cultures, etc., to draw it a lot of strange foods in this world, surely this is sifatnay subjective. so if you think of weird foods proficiency level, not necessarily someone else or what foods to eat these states are bizarre. food in the world so strange that I write this is indeed based on the subjectivity of me, so if any of you who later claimed the strange food that I wrote it not strange then beg in understandable.

with regard to this discussion is about STRANGE FOOD IN THE WORLD, I was looking for information about the strange world of food, from various sources the need getting, I decided to take 5 STRANGE WORLD FOOD, now fifth in the world of strange food that I mean is below .

1. Food from embryo egg
Food lovers are very confident that this strange amakan can provide tremendous force energy, I actually do not know the name of this food clear this strange foods made from eggs that almost change to embryos, although the visitors claimed the strange food in the world is good, but I tower disgusted with this food, and food jelaslan of embryo eggs is amsuk actionable list of 5 foods in the world weird.

2. Spider (Tarantula) Fry
ah that is pretty disgusting to me, because I see a spider live feel sick, especially fried and eaten heheheh, how do you think of this fried spider, tasty.

3. Fried Cockroaches
cockroaches are disgusting animals commonly live in a dirty place, but did you know that these animals can be a delicious feed, which is created as a cockroach fried, although I've never felt it but we can be sure the animal is disgusting, so it is worth would go on actionable list of strange animal in the world of unique and interesting version of the world.

Broil 4 Silkworm Silk
the silkworms that are made and in grilled skewers like cake, yes to the problem depends on individual taste terntunya, so if you want to know it's just try.

5. Black ant eggs
This strange foods we can meet in Mexico, where the food of the black ant eggs this dubbed by ESCAMOLES.Escamoles consists of tacos (tortillas stuffed dishes) was mixed with guacamole (avocado, lemon and salt) and then filled with ant eggs.