8 Rules To Burn Fat

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A woman can exercise for many reasons. Several reasons are often expressed is to build muscle so that certain parts seem tight, to strengthen the body's stamina that are not easily tired, so that always fit and are not easily hurt, and the most widely expressed is to burn the excess fat that the body does not get fat.

But each sport has its own rules and benefits. In essence, sport is not a glass ball wizard who can give you whatever be your goal. Need a special way to achieve your desires. Here are 10 rules you must follow in order to exercise to burn excess fat in the body to be effective and efficient.


If the intent to burn fat, then do the exercise with high intensity. The harder you practice, the more calories you burn excess fat will go missing in this process.

Select the proper training

Choose the sport you can do regularly and consistently, that is a sport that you enjoy, that are practical and affordable so there is no reason for you to miss it.

Train large muscle

Many fat-burning activity involving large muscles of the body such as thighs, chest and back. The greater involvement of these muscles, the more calories you burn.

Develop training

Develop your practice from the first just three minutes for a movement, becomes longer. Effective movement will not feel the benefits if you only do it briefly. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, 20-60 minutes per session for three to five times a week will be very effective.

Interval Training

When recovery can also maximize fat burning. Perform a hard workout and then relax your body to recover for some time and do your exercises again. realbuzz recommends 2:2 ratio between the time a hard workout recovery time.

Jogging is better than swimming

When swimming, your body weight supported by water. Compare when you are jogging, your body must work against gravity. Therefore, exercise such as jogging and running fast is more effective to burn fat instead of swimming.

Exercise on an empty stomach?

It is true that exercise on an empty stomach will burn fat because your body is forced to use fat reserves for energy intake. But the body also will not be able to exercise most if not having enough energy. Exercise on an empty stomach is still not the right choice.

Keep moving

People who are actively moving to burn calories more frequent and more without him knowing it. Walk, sit up straight, typing and even kissing is also a calorie-burning activity. Although a bit, but if you do it often then it will be good too.