You're Good Sleep At Day

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Benefits of Sleep in day time and quality. In general, people must have known about the benefits of napping, whether it benefits the children nap or siesta benefits for health including the benefits of naps for adults.

Benefits of Sleep in day
The results proved the study said napping can also sharpen memory. But, of course not arbitrarily take a nap. And here are instructions on the quality of naps ...

1. 10 Minutes
Nap for 10 minutes directly eliminate the stiffness and improve the workings of the brain at least for 2.5 hours. Meanwhile, if only 5 minutes, it's useless.

2. 20 Minutes
Profits will increase your reaction speed in doing the job count. However, the effect is certainly not imminent. At least it took 35 minutes to neutralize the brain condition after waking from sleep.

3. 30 Minutes
Initially you will feel sleepy, but for 5 minutes then you will be more alert and mentally fresh for as long as 90 minutes. However, sleep for 10 minutes is better, to avoid the unpleasant effects from too much sleep.

4. 45-90 Minutes
During the 45-90 minutes, you are heading toward a deep sleep, but without completing a full cycle of sleep. "Your body will feel more uncomfortable after waking, compared to before bed," said Dr. W. Christopher Winter.

5. 90-110 Minutes
The average sleep cycle of less than 90 minutes, the ideal time for a nap with a very long time. If more than nap time, it is likely a sign of sleep disorders, says Dr. Winter.