Touching... Victoria Beckham's Sad Story

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Behind the popularity and success she achieved at this time, Victoria Beckham was a sad story at the school store. she suffered persecution and threats at school.

Victoria told bluntly about the story. According to Victoria, the school she lived not as beautiful as the other children. she described, seemed to be in 'hell'.

she was getting threats from my friends at school,
so his life is very chaotic.

"Middle school was hell. the children threw mud and I just stand alone," said Victoria told OK Magazine! as quoted from the Irish Independent.

Not only that, Victoria is more frequently through the day at school alone. she has no friends at school. And she also often treated harshly.

"I have no friends. People would push me and said they would beat me," she recalled.

Wife of footballer David Beckham confirms she knows what makes a victim of oppression. she stated when it looks pretty and not far from glamorous and stylish as it is today.

"I was a skinny, pale-faced and ponytail hair and my teeth gaps big enough and it's pretty sad. I did not belong there," she said.

the story of the bitter past that does not make a Victorian silence and despair. she tried hard to get up and prove if she was capable of achievement and being the best. And the spirit of Victoria is not in vain.

she managed to become well-known celebrity when she joined the Spice Girls along with Mel C, Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell. However, again Victoria received criticism over her vocal quality. she was aware of it.

therefore, she chose to pursue the field of fashion. And she won the higshest award in the field of fashion.

"Now, although I'm famous, I've been in the largest group in the world, people say 'what can she do'. It makes me frustrated. Being famous makes you more susceptible to attack," she said.