How to write a Book review

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Lucky person who likes to read books. Those who like reading books will be open-minded, do not squirt and short-sighted view. They also will understand the information other than he thinks about all this, references and extensive knowledge will increase. And this is actually a worthwhile investment as the capital to wade through life. People who liked reading activity, the result,
they will not think narrowly when faced with critical problems that occur in the world. And have the potential and tendency mensikapi wise in everyday events around him. But, for people who want to do more and willing to share knowledge to others, reading is not enough. They need the skill again write a review of skills. Before moving to write a review summary techniques, there are some important things why the reviewer needs to be made. The goal, including the following,

Helping readers (the public) who have not had the opportunity to read the book in question or help those who do not have time to read a book. With the reviews, the reader can at least know the general overview and assessment of a particular book. At least, it could be useful to talk of the gossip is not clear juntrungnya.

Knowing the weaknesses and strengths diresensi book. That way, readers can learn how to properly make a good book. Indeed, reviewers can be very subjective in judging a book. But, however, will still have the benefits (especially when published in print, because it has passed the selection editor).

Knowing the background and the reasons the book was published. Undercovernya side. Even if not able mendapkan such information, reviewers also be able to rely for instance refer to page introduction or prologue which is usually contained in a book. If not, information from the news media did not matter.

Knowing the ratio of book that has generated the same authors or books by other authors are similar. Reviewer who has a "flying hours" tall, usually not only merely to review the contents of the book what it is. Typically, they also presented previous works that have been written by the author of the book, if not, are usually also present books by other authors are similar. This of course will further enrich the reader insight into the future.

For the author of a book that diresensi, can be as valuable input for the creative process of authorship further because reviewers often give sharp criticism both in terms of manner and style of authorship and content and substance of his book. Meanwhile, the publishers can be a vehicle for correction because usually the reviewer also highlighted about the font (typeface) print quality, etc..

Well, to be able to write a review, actually not as difficult as some people imagine. There are some general steps that anyone can do that will make the book reviews. Among them;

Preparation Phase

Selecting the type of book: Of course everyone has a hobby and a particular interest in a book. In this selection process would be better if we focus to write a review of certain books of interest or in accordance with our educational backgrounds. (This is based on the fact that one can not master a wide range of fields at once). This is related to the "scientific authority". This does not mean limiting tau prohibit forbid people to write a review. But, only a question of who speaks what. A teacher must understand how to teach more students than an artisan vegetable.

Try the new book. These reviews will be published if the work in print. Books that have long naturally less likely to be contained because it is considered stale assuming many have read it so as not to invite curiosity. For old books (which is intended merely to share knowledge) can still diresensi and are publicized through the blog (personal journal).

Making anatomy book. Namely the initial information about the books that will diresensi. Examples of the format is as follows;

Title of Work Review

Book title:

The execution phase

Read in detail and noted the important things. This is what distinguishes between ordinary reader and book reviewer. For regular readers, can read casually and may stop at any time. For a reviewer, should read the book through to completion in order to obtain comprehensive information book. So also noted quotes and thoughts that feel there is important in the book.

After reading, began writing book reviews the work in question. In the reviewer's work, at least contain a few things;

Information beginning of the book (like the format above).
Specify the title of an interesting and "provocative"
Making a brief review of books. Outline description of the contents of the book.
Provide assessment books. (The substance of the cover and contents as well as physical prints) or compare with other books. This is indeed the primary function of a reviewer is a critic that can help the public judge a book.
Highlight a different side of the diresensi book with other books.
Reviewing the book for readers benefit.
Correct the reviewer's work. Correcting the completeness of the work, systematic way of thinking of reviews that have been generated. Most importantly the book is certainly not what, but what attitude toward the book reviewer assessment.

Phase Publications

Adapted to the work of the media space which we will send the reviewer. Each different medium and short term. Following the terms of the relevant pages of the media is a step that is safe for reviewers.
Attaching the front page of the book cover.
Submitting the work according to the type resensinya books have been published previously. Reviewers need to look at and understand what kind of books are often published on a particular medium. This is to avoid rejection by the editors of our work.

Similarly, at a glance review write a review about this simple technique. In essence, the question is write a review about sharing (knowledge). After reading the book, we are usually happy to gain new insights. That way affair write a review could also mean that we share happiness with others.