The world's worst Sanitation Country

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According to the UN, from 7 billion inhabitants of the world there are still about 2.6 billion people without access to sanitary toilet and sewage facilities. World Health Organization (WHO) ranks the countries with the worst sanitation in the world.

In many cases, people in some countries still defecate in the open or go into the bushes nearby. This practice can be deadly due to the many bacteria from human feces that can be returned to the public again, pollute water supplies and spread disease.

In developing countries, 90 percent of human waste is dumped directly into lakes, rivers and oceans. Even some of the exhaust system already look old so it could be destroyed if hit by heavy rains.

Here are the countries with the worst sanitation problems in the world with the raw number of people who do not have access to good sanitation, as reported by LiveScience:

1. India (818 million)
2. China (607 million)
3. Indonesia (109 million)
4. Nigeria (103 million)
5. Pakistan (98 million)
6. Bangladesh (75 million)
7. Ethiopia (71 million)
8. Congo (50 million)
9. Brazil (39 million)
10. Tanzania (32 million)
11. Sudan (27 million)
12. Kenya (27 million)
13. Philippines (22 million)
14. Vietnam (22 million)
15. Ghana (20 million)
16. Nepal (20 million)

These countries have monitoring of WHO and UNICEF. WHO said that if all this waste is not handled properly, it will increase the public health crisis that is estimated to kill 1.4 million children each year, namely a child every 20 seconds. This amount is greater than the incorporation of cases of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Currently sanitation still not getting serious attention compared to other health problems. The UN was therefore set a goal to reduce the number of people who do not get basic sanitation.